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THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (ethiopian) 16oz

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (ethiopian) 16oz

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Dive into the rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia's Sidamo region, the birthplace of coffee. At elevations ranging from 1850 to 1940 meters, these Heirloom varieties flourish, capturing the essence of Ethiopia's centuries-old coffee traditions.

This dark roast, with its vibrant acidity and medium body, embodies the spirit of Ethiopian coffee, evoking the flavors of black tea, floral hints, and the deep richness of velvety dark chocolate. Balanced by notes of blackberry and a subtle smoky finish reminiscent of earthy smooth tobacco, every sip invites you to get your soul brewing in the true taste of East African coffee history.

  • Dark Roast 10/10
  • Acidity 8/10
  • Body 5/10
  • Sweetness 7/10
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